Internship Opportunities
Internship Opportunities
We provide solid hands-on training and internship program, which ensure you to be ready for your career development.

Also, we arrange field visits to help you to understand the practical applications, strengthen your connections with the industry.
The internship course is dedicated to the current students of Master Program in Global ATGS.
Students participate the internship in summer or winter vacations and obtain 2 credits after it is completed with a score of 70 or above.
With 160 hours in total, the start and end dates are arranged by the internship organizations.
Where will I intern & What will I do
World Vegetable Center
The internship content is mainly to do the research and other routine work. The research content in general at different departments includes Breeding (Tomato, Squash, Capsicum annuum), Genebank, Disease (Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Entomology), Biotechnology (Molecular marker) and so on. For more detailed information, please refer to the website of World Vegetable Center.
CH Biotech
The internship content mainly includes laboratory safety lecture, plant cultivation for experiments, investigations of physical properties of plant material, experimental instrumental operation, efficacy testing for agrochemical products and so on, but is not limited to the above.
How to apply
Fill in the Internship Application Form and the Adviser Agreement for Field Internship and submit them to the Global ATGS office. For World Vegetable Center applicants, Additional Internship Application Form from World Vegetable Center and the English transcript are required. Global ATGS office will match the candidates to the opportunities based on the students' preference and the organization's suggestions.
After mutual acceptance of the internship, the students, internship organization and Global ATGS will sign the Off-Campus Internship Contract.
During the internship
Students should follow the restrictions of the organization and complete required hours of relevant work experience tied to student learning objectives and keep a daily record of Field Internship Daily log. To take a leave, please refer to the Leave Application Guidelines(+) and fill in the Leave Application Form for Field Internship.
Advisors will conduct internship visits during the internship period in person, through telephone or video calls.
After the internship
When the internship is completed, the following should be submitted to the Global ATGS office within two weeks:
1.The Field Internship Daily log students record during the internship.
2.Field Internship Written Report and Questionnaire of the Internship Course filled in by the students after their internship.
3.Performance Evaluation Form for Students completed by the internship organization: Students are required to provide this form to the internship organization. It should be sent to the Global ATGS office or submitted by the student with seals.

After the required documents are received, Global ATGS office will provide gathered materials to the advisor. Students' internship performance will be assessed and graded according to the evaluation forms completed by the internship organization and the advisor.
The office will organize an internship sharing session and the students are required to give an oral presentation to share their experience with the fellow students.