Global ATGS
The Master Program in Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science (Global ATGS) is a cross- and inter-disciplinary program and aims to train international talent in emerging agricultural biotechnologies and smart agriculture.
In order to increase students' competitiveness, the curriculum centers around the development of innovative core technologies and strategies to improve agriculture production efficiency; also, along with research training, students will be equipped with the following professional competencies: genome science research, breeding science and technology, smart farming system, plant factory, and food science and technology.

On top of encouraging students to understand the impact of modern technology on agricultural development, the structure of the curriculum corresponds to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a means of encouraging students to reflect upon the tight-knit relationship between agricultural development and global environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the program also offers internship opportunities in international research institutes and agriculture-related businesses so that students can stay informed of the latest trends in the industry as well as the practical application of what they've learned in class.